CarboRocket Hydration and Half Evil 333

CarboRocket came on to our scene in 2014. Like most endurance athletes, we've struggled with finding the right nutritional product that worked well and tasted good enough to keep drinking after hours of saddle time.

We're really impressed with CarboRocket's simple hydration mix called "Hydration". It's a light, easy to drink mix that isn't loaded with calories. This is a good one for shorter, hotter rides. It has a light taste, mixes easy and is definitely not sweet. If you like your sports drinks on the tart side, you'll like CarboRocket. For us, a bit of citrus tarty-ness is a nice change from sweet gels and bars. Taste is where Hydration really stands out - it's quite good.

Technically, there's not much to Hydration. It has 300+ grams of sodium for you sweaters out there, along with a "full spectrum" of electrolytes. At 100 calories per scoop, you'll need another food source to hit hourly calorie targets, so factor that in when using Hydration.

Next, we moved on to Half Evil 333 (get it?). This is a higher calorie endurance specific fuel. All the qualities of Hydration still apply - it mixes easily, tastes great, and is packed full of electrolytes. 333 however adds in amino acids (specifically L-Glutamin) for muscle recovery. What's different from other similar endurance fuels is how easy it is to drink. It isn't chalky or thick, or make you feel like you need to rinse your mouth out, and it has that same great citrus taste. Our recommendation: try the grape flavor. It's dee-lish. 

We've found that we also like to use 333 at just 2 coops (thus, "two thirds evil"). Sometimes the full 3 scoops is a little much for a smaller bottle or a shorter ride. With CarboRocket, you can fine tune the quantities to your taste and needs without changing the flavor too much. 

After our ride, we hit CarboRocket's recovery drink, Rehab (love the name). We're suckers for anything that is chocolate/coconut flavor, and this one is seriously tasty. What we also like is the added BCAA and L-Glutamine along with whey protein (we also prefer whey for recovery). This is by far the best tasting recovery drink we've tried, and we've tried a lot. 

If there was one thing we had to say we didn't like out of CarboRocket's line, we might say the size of the containers. The scoops are large - which is ok, but we like and use them so often that the containers seem to go fast. Not a big deal, and maybe that is something to address later down the road as the company grows. 

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