Trails to BCBR (BC Bike Race) is our ongoing feature of SoCal's Troupe Racing Company as they get ready for the ultimate stage race across Canada's British Columbia.

Submitted by Tim / Michelle VanGilder

We recently took a long weekend in Vancouver for 4 days of trail and equipment recon. Our last trip involved riding Nomads and Bronsons, generously on loan from Steed Cycles. Amazing bikes, but not necessarily what we’d ride in the BCBR. Our plan was to lock in a good block of training and test out some of our equipment choices on the North Van’ and Squamish stages.


HOLY $%*^*@ these trails are fantastic. Our biggest realization is while the trails have an obscene about of flow to them, we’re not really going anywhere fast. This is partially true to us getting lost in the never-ending network of trails, but also because of the technical nature of the trails.

We weren’t really pushing the pace either, but we found that hours-to-miles traveled does not have the same proportions as they do on the flat out fast trails of SoCal. 

Our favorite trail so far? All of them. Seriously.  But, we’re leaning towards the “Pseudo Tsuga” trail on the Squamish stage for its all out fun factor. 


All of us on Troupe that will be racing BCBR this year will be on a Santa Cruz Tallboy / Juliana Joplin. I was really happy with how the Tallboy man-handled the climbs compared to a Nomad. With just a bit of momentum, a bit of body english, and a little bit of power to the pedals, the Tallboy was gliding over everything with minimal effort.


  • Naturally, we’ll all be on 1x drivetrains, and our ring of choice seems to be the 30T.
  • We’ll be running X Fusion suspension, with the 29” Trace fork upfront, set to 120mm. 
  • All but one of us will be installing a dropper post. I think this is a good call even with the obvious weight penalty. We rode the North Van without one, and its definitely do-able, but a bit of clearance will only help us ride smoother and faster. Our choice will be a mix of Kronologs (yeah, we know… but ours have been OK) and the X Fusion Hilo post. 
  • The pedal for the job will be a candy, as opposed to our usual race pedal choice of eggbeater 11’s. We’ll push some fresh grease into them before the bikes are packed.
  • Finally, we’ll be running Kenda Honey Badger XC Pro 2.0 tires in the rear, and a slightly wider Kenda Karma 2.2 up front. 


We’ve all decided that we’ll be carrying a pack - there’s too much to stuff comfortably into the jersey pocket. In it, we’ll be packing the usual multi tool, tube, a couple of CO2’s, a chain quick-link, our super light Sportful Hotpack Ultra Light rain jackets, and our nutrition which will definitely include a single serving of CarboRocket Rehab to take in as soon as the stage is finished. 

Other notable items we’ll be taking with us to each camp site (not carrying during the race) are a variety of Trigger Point items to work out the kinks after a long day on the bike, a number of 2XU compression items, an iPad with extra USB chargers, and an complete supply of tools that include a mini Lezyne floor pump, tire pressure gauge, and all the essentials to fix nearly anything once we get back to the tents each day.  


We’ll intro the riders from Troupe that will be going so you can follow us straight to the front of the field!