We're off to Camp Lynda - Lynda Wallenfels three day endurance training camp in St. George Utah, but not before a bit of carb loading and wheel swapping.

A new set of Stans NoTubes ZTR Crest wheels also landed in the garage, and what better way to get a feel for new hoops that to spend hours on them on new trails in new places. So Far, we're very impressed with them, especially considering the reasonable MSRP of $595. They're not the lightest at 1585g, but they're not the heaviest either. Kenda tires set up easily which allowed us to focus on more important things.....

....such as Mad River Brewing Company's Old Ale. 

We're not too familiar with Mad River, so this was a nice entry to the brand. Years ago, we met CEO Charlie Jordan at Interbike, and found that they're connected to Kinetic Koffee in some way that we can't remember, partially due to this 7.6% ale.

Overall, this was a great ale. It had great depth of flavors and a nice sweetness that reminded us of something like Lagunitas Hairy Eyeball - but not as hoppy. It poured a nice dark color, but not stout dark, and had a nice molasses fragrance. It's no secret that we're not IPA fans, so this one really played to our palette.

What's interesting is that this particular beer is not listed on the company's site. Either it's been discontinued, or this is a rare, exotic find with limited quantities available. We prefer the latter, and will go back to Whole Foods for a second purchase.

Cassettes were swapped, rotors installed, and the bikes were ready for Camp Lynda.
With any luck, the legs will follow.