A new season demands some new tires. We're big fans and Kenda Tires, and as we come into the pre-season, we decided it was time for some new rubber. The Kenda Karma Pro is a do-all tire. It's great in a variety of conditions, rolls relatively fast, and even is good at shedding mud. If you've got to have just one tire, consider the Karma.

We're also huge fans of Michigan's Founders Brewery. Everything this brewery touches turns to liquid gold. And that's not just our opinion. Founders consistently ranks among the best breweries in the USA. From their All Day IPA to their Porter, to their Dirty Bastard, this is some of the best beer you've likely never had. 

But if you like oatmeal stouts, and we do, Founder's Breakfast Stout is outstanding - gives it a perfect 100. This is not to be confused with the holy of holy, most sought after Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout (KBS), which is so hard to obtain and sells for $60 for a 4 pack on E-Bay. This oatmeal stout is much easier to find. It's smooth, balanced, and doesn't have that "salty" flavor that some stouts take on. It pours a dark black opaque color, has just a nice hint of "boozey-ness" that should come with an 8.3%, and finishes with lots of coffee and chocolate flavors. This is a sipper - enjoy it while it lasts.  


  • Predictable grip in a variety of conditions. 
  • Very easy to set up tubeless, thanks to the SCT (sealant compatible tire) sidewall.
  • Durable sidewall - never fear a torn tire with these.
  • Low pressure compatible - we ride these at 25PSI rear, 22PSI front.


  • 1.9 width. They're look more like a 2.0, but the 1.9 labeled width could be wider.
  • Weight - they're 630g, which isn't bad considering how reliable these are, but they could be a touch lighter.