The phrase "when in Rome, do as the Romans do" applies to this episode of The Workstand. However in this case, replace "Rome" with "Canada", and replace "do as the Romans do" with "drink a beer and pack up your Juliana Joplin into an Evoc travel bag". In times like this, we reach for one of our favorite go-to beers from mountain biking's promise land, Whistler Brewing Co.



We've lusted after these bags for years. The simple look of them instantly makes one want to pack up and travel the world with bike in tow. The beauty is that with this bag, that is super easy, and you can sleep comfortably in your cramped economy airline seat that your bike will travel safely, and more comfortably than you.

The bag is loaded with well designed features, pockets, and cleverly located straps to lock the bike in place for the journey. Nearly every portion of the bike is secured in place with adjustable straps and padding. All contact points, like the bottom of the fork legs, have abrasion resistant pads, too. 

We did take a few extra steps, though. We added some pipe insulation padding around the frame's tubes, just because. We also opted to remove the rotors to avoid any bending that might happen. Finally, we removed the rear derailleur. These steps weren't necessary, but hey - it's a mountain bike and it's one of our most precious possessions. After all, we're sure that that tiny "fragile" tag that the airline slapped on the bag won't stop the baggage handlers from discuss tossing this one on to the conveyor belt.


This is just a great go-to beer. It's not overly complicated, nor is it high in alcohol percentage. It does have an exceptional golden pour, a sweet aroma, and a refreshing lager flavor with plenty of sweetness on the finish. For us, something that has a ton of hops is just too much after a long ride. This one hits it out of the park with a lager that is very drinkable for those with a sweeter tooth. If you prefer beers that taste less like hop-soap and flowers and more like a sweet treat, check this one out. 

As far as we know, this is only available in Canada. Bummer... time to book a WestJet flight.